Hey everyone! I’m talking to the approximately 35 robots that have checked out this blog in the last month (even though I haven’t written anything in it in over a year). You’ll wanna bring that botilicious web crawler back on over here in a bit, because I’m starting over. Refactoring.


You see, I really love food – mostly eating it, but also making it. I haven’t made a lot of food lately because I tend to make really large amounts of it and then I eat it all, and then the next thing you know ::POOF:: – diabetes.


However, Erica recently made the suggestion that we invest in an apparatus that allows us to slice the bread that I love making into actually usable-sized slices that we can toast and make sandwiches with. Previously when I had made bread, we would eat a couple ridiculously thick slices while it was still warm (right out of the oven) – which was amazing, but then we ended up usually throwing most of it away because if you tried to slice it thin enough for sandwiches it usually fell apart, and by the third day it was dried out and stale anyways. No more of that. We will uniformly slice the bread and keep it fresh in a bread bag – enjoying homemade bread week after week instead of the normal “whole wheat” bread from the store that might be more accurately called “whole chemical” bread.



  2 comments for “Refactoring

  1. Ann
    March 24, 2014 at 9:29 pm

    So excited to see this in my blog reader!

    • April 1, 2014 at 6:10 pm

      Wow, when I logged in to this I was not expecting to see a comment today! I’m not really sure what I want this blog to be, so I didn’t really put it out there that I was going to try to start writing in it again. That’s pretty awesome that it just popped up in your blog reader!

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